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Erin Flynn & Poppet – Traveling From Madison, Worth the Trip

“I was passionate about setting my dog up for success, and felt so strongly that Pets was the perfect ‘recipe’ to do it (kind, open people with experience; professional dog trainers; and training set in an environment that we would ‘work’ in). I chose to commute weekly from Madison in order to attend their program. They helped instill confidence in my dog; I was able to watch her grow through her experiences and the ‘homework’ that we did between classes. Now that we have completed training and are certified, Pets continues to be a great support base for us and is helping us find placement. It makes me smile to watch my dog walk up to strangers for a visit and a scratch, and to watch their smile in response.”
–Erin Flynn and Poppet

Erin-Flynn-FullErin, a resident of a suburb of Madison, WI reached out to Pets through a recommendation from some members of the local AKC Bernese Mt. Dog Club.  Erin, having witnessed the power of animal therapy in healing and having felt the importance of it in her own life, loved the idea of being able to give back to the community while also spending time with her dog.  Erin had done much research on AAI, gone to seminars on theory and she and Poppet had even been a demo therapy team-in training for a large dog fair at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison.  While her dog was fantastic in the therapy role at the dog fair, Erin was concerned about some of the testing formats used by some therapy dog certification organizations and wanted to set her sweet, and somewhat timid pup up for success.  Following a lengthy conversation with the director, Erin knew she had come to the right place.  Finding an organization that was willing to help her work with Poppet to build her confidence was well worth the 90 minute trip (one-way) to attend class.  With Erin’s patience and commitment to working with Poppet at home between class sessions, the team not only kept pace in class but passed the final exam with flying colors on the last night.

“Erin, through her story of Poppet, helps us share that becoming an Accredited Team requires work, sometimes a lot of work. We are proud of what they have accomplished, we are humbled that they chose us, and we are eagerly awaiting stories of how they have, in turn, helped others.”
–Terry Heun

We want to thank all our teams for their spirit of volunteerism, for freely giving of themselves and for sharing their dogs with others.