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Linda Timm & Bernie – Down the Yellow Slide, Now Helping Vets


Linda Timm and Bernie

Linda and her wonderfully soft Golden Retriever Bernie, named for the Brewer’s Mascot, first came though our program in 2009.  Like many new teams, Linda and Bernie had never done this before, but it was Linda’s strong belief in the enrichment dogs bring to children and adults that carried her through.  Now they are an experienced team visiting the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, participating in the read-to-rover program at Jefferson Elementary School and performing as a member of our Waggin’ Tails Therapy Troupe.  With Linda’s experience and confidence she will be partnering with a facility leader to establish a tailored Pet visit program at a group home in Oak Creek.

“It brings Bernie and I great joy to see how appreciative people are to have Bernie come visit. How Bernie touches the Vets at the VA is heart-warming. He has shown me a side of him that is very insightful, he seems to know just what people need.”
– Linda Timm










We want to thank all our teams for their spirit of volunteerism, for freely giving of themselves and for sharing their dogs with others.