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My Very First Goose Bump Moment

It happened on my very first therapy dog visit with my dog Chyenne.  I had contacted my neighborhood library and asked about doing a “Read to Rover” program.  They were very receptive and welcomed us with open arms.  Upon arriving Chyenne and I settled down in a quiet reading area where a little girl came and read a couple books to Chyenne.  Chyenne was a star, just laid there enjoying all the attention.  Soon almost everyone had left when I spotted a little boy acting a little shy.  When asked if he wanted to read a book to Chyenne, he responded with “I don’t read very good”.  When I explained that Chyenne didn’t care, the librarian came over and told him he could “picture read” a book.  The little boy thought that was okay.  So the little boy sat on the floor, Chyenne nestled next to him and he “picture read” his book.  As the little boy finished, Chyenne picked up her head and laid it on his knee, looking up at him as if to say, “keep going”.  I asked if he’d like to read another book, he looked up at me and smiled.  As the he began the second book, an incredible thing happened the little boy started to sound out the words and read the book.
–Ann Bruder 
Chyenne & Read to Rover