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Suzanne “Frankie” Garr

“SuzanneI have been surrounded by animals my entire life. Growing up with my grandmother we always had dogs (Pat, Fella and Snow – German shepherds) oh and a guinea pig too, Willy. I worked in a pet store with my older sister and it seemed our home was an infirmary for the sick animals. We had dogs, cats, doves, parakeets, gerbils and hamsters. We would bring them home, get them better and then take them back sometimes they stayed. I have seen firsthand the effect animals can have on a person, myself included. I recently traveled to Iceland and interacted directly with the beautiful and sweet Icelandic horses. There were several foals in the pack and they followed us everywhere gently nipping at our arms. My neighbor next door has two labs and well I like to think they are partly mine too. Every morning when I close my side door and make my way to the garage their little black noses are peeking through the fence just waiting with tails wagging to be greeted and of course loved. They help send me off on my day. It’s the small gestures and moments when you interact with animals that settles your heart and brings about something intangible but real.

When I am not petting Derby and Bodhi next door, I am working at Quad/Graphics as a Senior Customer Account Manager and volunteering with Make-A-Wish and various other non-profit organizations in the community.

I am honored to be a part of this amazing team of heart-centered people giving back to the community through the love of their pets.