Our Board

Tom Trinh, President

I work for Ozaukee County in the Department of Human Services.

Maverick is able to come to the office with me on select days that clients wish to see him and sometimes even the counselors. On one special occasion this past fall, a student of the Port Washington Saukville school district had wanted to do a show-and-tell of Maverick and so Maverick and I, along with one of the counselors, worked with this youngster in handling Maverick. We were able to go visit all the schools in PWS School District and show off what Maverick can do. In one particular school, a child with severe developmental disabilities was greeted with Maverick onto his lap while seating in his wheelchair. The school specialist gently helped the child to pet Maverick’s soft head and fur. The child beamed to life with a huge smile and I was notified later that it was all the counselor could do to keep from crying tears of joy. In other classrooms, even while surrounded by a mob of children, he was able to just sit there while they hugged and pet his fur. The most interesting room, of course, was the one where all of the desk-chairs had tennis balls on their feet so as to slide easier across the floor. It took all that the youngster could muster to keep Maverick from taking each and every ball. A most adventurous day for everyone involved. Special thanks to Mr. Duane Woelfel, Director of Special Services for the PWS SD, and Jessi of Ozaukee County Human Services.