Our Teams

Vicki Koralewski, 5-Team Owner/Handler

“First and foremost, Pets Helping People through assessment, training and certification has made me realize that each dog has unique and special gifts. The very first dog I took through their program visited nursing homes and worked in a brain injury unit for 9.5 years. She was a calm gentle giant. Another graduate of the PHP program was a confident, extremely happy, fun dog who loved children more than any animal I have ever known. We volunteered at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital and began a whole new adventure. Now, I will soon have two newly accredited PHP dogs and I can only wonder what new experiences their future holds.”
– Vicki Koralewski, Owner of 5 Pets’ Accredited dogs


We want to thank all our teams for their spirit of volunteerism, for freely giving of themselves and for sharing their dogs with others.