Pets Helping People Teams Help Students Through Finals Stress

Several teams joined UW-West Bend during finals week 12/14.  Students got to relieve some of their stress and interact with our teams.  There is nothing like spending some time with a dog to de-stress after weeks of studying and exams.  Students enjoyed the down time and were able to take a breather with some great dogs and their owners.

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Visiting the Medical College

Although it was exam time, December 2 was a good day for students at the Medical College of Wisconsin. With special thanks to Sparky, Cheyenne, Holi, Sophie, Milo, Rosie, Libby, Bernie, Mitzvah and Lucky, the students were distracted from the stress of exams and were able to spend some time with some of our special dogs. The dogs were petted and hugged, the students were licked and kissed, and everyone was happy. Those cold noses and wagging tails did the trick!!

Nearly 100 students came to visit the dogs during the two hour visit that Friday. We heard comments such as “I wish you guys could come every day!” and “What a nice break from studying!” and “I feel so much better after meeting these great dogs!”

It was a wonderful afternoon with smiles and wagging tails in great abundance.  We are so grateful to our handlers, Sharon Pauley, Ann Bruder, Diane Loppnow,  Jim Bahr, Kathy Bue, Judi Goetzke, Amy Hansen, Linda Timm, Karen Corlyn and Julie Darnieder for giving up their time to make this event happen, and for sharing their wonderful dogs with the medical students.

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