Animal Assisted Intervention

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Pets Helping People, Inc.  has chosen to adopt the definition provided by Francesc Ristol & Eva Domènec in their book, Animal Assisted Therapy: Techniques and Exercises for Dog Assisted Interventions, 2012.

The authors state, “this nomenclature more accurately describes and better comprises the various kinds of interactions between people and animals.” (p 14).

While Francesc & Eva appropriately, provide a scholarly explanation, their nomenclature is the first ever to recognize and encompass all of the following types of interactions:

  • AAA – Animal Assisted Activities
  • AAT – Animal Assisted Therapies
  • AAE – Animal Assisted Education
  • AAEv – Animal Assisted Evaluation
  • ARP – Animal Resident Programs

Their scientifically based thought process defines the various players involved in the human-pet interaction and the directionality of the actions.

  • IU – Intervention Unit (Handler & Dog)
  • RI – Receiver of the Intervention (the person the team is visiting)
  • IP – Intervention Professional (the clinical or educational professional assisting with goal directed activities)

Here is an excerpt from their book – reprinted with permission.