Our Organizational Charter

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 Our Mission

  • To improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs by conducting Volunteer Pet Facilitated Therapy (VPFT);
  • to achieve optimum standards of excellence in its practice and in the care of therapy animals through ongoing training and evaluation;
  • to promote the supportive benefits of the human animal bond; and,
  • to enhance our community’s awareness of and involvement in Volunteer Pet Facilitated Therapy Programs.

Our Vision

To be a knowledgeable, compassionate and responsive source of information, assistance and support to all who seek education, training or involvement in VPFT so that we can improve the quality of life for people in our community, especially individuals with special needs.

Our Core Beliefs

Pets Helping People, Inc. (PHP), our Board of Directors and our Staff subscribe to the following beliefs which serve as the foundation for our organization’s activities.  PHP believes that:

  1. Interaction with loving, attentive pets can enrich the quality of life for people of all ages, especially those with special needs.
  2. Excellence in the practice of VPFT can only be achieved through professional education, training and evaluation.
  3. The desire to nurture is a strong and basic human need and therapy pets can meet this need for people of all ages, especially those with special needs.
  4. The welfare of animals used in pet therapy must be protected at all times.
  5. The recipients of VPFT can, within the limits of their abilities, enhance feelings of self-worth by contributing to others through our organization’s programs and we will help them to do so, as appropriate.

We Will Serve

Children and adults with special needs by:

  • Promoting a professional level of VPFT practice.
  • Developing accreditation standards for education and training in VPFT practice.
  • Developing specific programs to serve exceptionally challenged populations that could benefit from VPFT.

Handler/Pet Therapy Teams by:

  • Educating volunteers in the practice of VPFT through on-site observations and trial visits, and information materials.
  • Providing dog testing and evaluations.
  • Providing a three session dog class that includes acclimatization to the environment of a nursing facility, the socialization needed to provide VPFT and training necessary to act gently around clients at all times.
  • Providing placement and follow-up assistance.
  • Providing ongoing advice, support and follow-up.

All animals and privately owned pets involved in VPFT by:

  • Developing standards for the use of animals in VPFT.
  • Vigorously protecting the welfare, comfort and well being of all animals used in VPFT.

Facilities being served by Handler/Pet Therapy Teams by:

  • Providing follow-up and evaluation services.
  • Providing in-service programs.

The Communities of Southeastern Wisconsin by:

  • Providing community education about the human animal bond.