Our Purpose

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Our Goals

For more information, visit our Organizational Charter here.

Our Work: Animal Assisted Interventions

At PHP, we have elected to use the Animal Assisted Interventions as defined by Francese Ristol and Eva Doménec in their book Animal Assisted Therapy: Techniques and Exercises for Dog Assisted Interventions. Only their comprehensive language encompasses all that our volunteer teams do to help others. Cited and Reprinted with permission from Eva Doménec, 2014.

Our Board of Directors

The success of Pets Helping People lies in the passion, dedication and commitment of its Board of Directors and Training Team.  We would not be the organization we are today were it not for the skills, training, and experience each member brings to their role.  Their individual gifts coupled with a shared commitment to the power of the human-animal bond provide the energy and leadership guiding us ever forward.  We invite you to meet our leaders and share in their passion…

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Our Training Team

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