Our Goal

To improve the lives of others, many with special needs, through the practice of Animal Assisted Interventions.

“Having witnessed the power of Animal Assisted Interventions…it is one of the core patient-centered programs I wanted at APH.”

–Pete Carlson, President Aurora Psychiatric Hospital (APH) and Behavioral Health Services.

Our Goal

To achieve standards of excellence in Animal Assisted Interventions through the assessment, training and accreditation of sensitive humans and their engaging dogs.

Our Goal

To promote the supportive benefits of the human-animal bond by helping organizations develop & implement Animal Assisted Interventions programs.

"The relationship between the PHP teams and our clients is magical. There is truly something special inside the dogs which comes shining through when they meet our clients."

–Tony Arsingiega, Manager, Adult Day Services.

Our Goal

To enhance our Communities’ awareness of & involvement in Animal Assisted Interventions through education, partnerships and special events.

Welcome to Pets Helping People, Inc.

–Based in and servicing Southeast Wisconsin in the greater Milwaukee area–

We are a not-for-profit  501(c) 3 organization established in 1998 on the premise that dogs, through their unconditional love and acceptance and acute senses, when paired with a compassionate human can be a remarkable source of companionship, inspiration, motivation and support to the healing and learning processes.  We offer unmatched training, testing and support to individuals who want to share the love they have for their dog with others through the practice of animal assisted interventions(AAI).  We partner with facilities and organizations who want to offer the healing benefits of the human-animal bond with their clients by assisting with program development and team placement.  We provide customized interactive educational presentations to many schools, community groups, residential facilities, and employers expanding their understanding of and appreciation for the diverse benefits of AAI.

Whether you are a dog owner, facility leader, healthcare professional or animal fan, we invite you to explore our website and all that we have to offer- to share in our stories, to meet our teams, to read the testimonials from our facility partners, and to ultimately celebrate with us the healing joy of a cold nose and wagging tail.  We welcome anyone interested in our organization to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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About Us

PHP is proudly celebrating 20 years of service. Thank you to all our amazing volunteer handlers and their big hearted dogs, our incredible Training Team past and present, and our current and former Board members and Advisors. You have all made PHP what it is today…a organization with compassion and sensitivity whose mission is sharing human and canine love and caring to those in need.

Our Teams

Our Volunteer Teams

For over 19 years PHP’s’ accredited Therapy Dog teams have been bringing joy, touching hearts and enriching the lives of individuals of all ages, many of whom have special needs. Over 250 PHP accredited volunteers and their dogs have reached in excess of 150,000 individuals. Click here to meet some of our accredited handler per teams

Our Training Program

Our Training and Accreditation Program

We help those interested in becoming involved with Pet Therapy through our comprehensive accreditation program. Click here to learn more about our methods and support.

Partner Facilities

Our Partner Facilities

PHP would not be able to bring the benefits of the human-animal bond to others without the partnership with organizations who share in this belief. We work with these committed leaders to design a program that addresses the unique needs of their clients. Click here to learn more about what our teams are doing at some of our partner facilities.

Our Community Involvement

PHP is very active in the communities we serve. You will find us partnering with local Girl and Boy Scouts, offering educational sessions at elementary schools, visiting camps for individuals with special needs. Click here to learn about just some of our recent events.