Our Facility Partners

At PHP, we are deeply indebted to the organizations and their leaders who share our belief in the power of the human-animal bond.  It is through these visionaries who commit their time, energy and facility resources to supporting our teams, that our organization is able to bring the warmth, joy, and acceptance of a cold nose and waging tail to the many men, women, and children we visit daily.

Through partnerships with skilled professionals in nursing, psychology, education, and numerous therapies our teams are afforded the opportunity to share their dogs in many settings.  We have teams working in and with the following individuals:

• Assisted Living Camps
• Churches
• Day-Care Challenged Adults
• Group Homes
• Handicapped Residences
• Hospitals
• Nursing Facilities
• Rehabilitation Facilities
• Schools
• Substances Abuste Treatment Facilities

• Behavioral Health
• Cancer Centers
• Community Centers
• Dialysis Hospital
• Homeless Shelters
• Hospices
• Libraries
• Private Homes
• Retirement Homes
• Special Education Settings
• Women’s Shelters


We invite you to meet some of our partner facilities and their clients and staff and to share in their stories and comments.

Aurora Behavioral Health Services

Congregational Home

Joining Us and Share Your Story

If you have a Pets Helping People team(s) at your facility and have a story to share, please contact us.

We’d love to include yours here.

Starting a Pet Therapy or Pet Visit Program

If your facility is considering establishing pet therapy program, we’d be happy to work with you.

We offer:
• Experienced program developers in a variety of settings
• Creativity in design to meet your goals
• Guidance in meeting safety and compliance requirements

Please reach out to us to obtain additional information.